What Is Kaos?

Kaos is a mindset that focuses on the dining experience. Gourmet food made from local ingredients is just the beginning. Where we break the mold is how you will be entertained while you dine. We want dining with us to be an evening you, your friends and loved ones will remember and talk about for ages. Each course is a piece of a story that we would like to share with the world. The dining experience is what we live for. It's what we have grown to love and to organize our lives around. Sharing what we've created is our deepest desire.

Welcome to our first pop up. We're excited to share the evening with you.

Welcome to Kaos.

Who We Are

Nicholas Manobianco
Executive Chef

Chef Nick has worked all over, including Syracuse, Rochester, Dallas and Austin. Nick is passionate about continuing to perfect his craft, choosing to work two jobs to further his culinary knowledge. On the rare day off he stages at restaurants including Eleven Madison Park and the Tatsuya Group, just to get a glimpse of what some of the best in the business are doing. Chef Nick strives to create a dining experience people will not be expecting, while pushing the boundaries of what people think is achievable.

Anthony Palmiere
General Manager

Anthony started out in the food and beverage industry as a server at a retirement home in his hometown. In 2010, he went on to study Hospitality and Restaurant Management at Niagara University. Post-graduation, Anthony worked as the food and beverage supervisor at the Erie Grill. With passion and grit, he worked his way through different fine dining restaurants and country clubs all over the city. He is ready to take his breadth of managerial knowledge and put his own spin on it as General Manager of the Kaotic Team.

Brent Ryczak

As a Software Engineer, Brent enjoys taking projects from ideas and turning them into deliverables. He strives to see jobs from inception to completion. Brent is assisting Chef Nicholas and Anthony to ensure each event is as epic as planned.

We are Kaotic. Welcome to Kaos.

Dine With Us

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October 28th - 29th
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